Der Wein

100 Parker Punkte

Verkauf 1 Fl pro Kunde und nur in Verbindung mit anderen Weinen aus unserem Programm. Welche Weine? Rufen Sie uns an. Wir beraten Sie gerne.

He smoky slate aroma of the Sonnenuhr is still obvious in the beautifully clear, lush and delicate 2013 Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese *** that offers pineapples, ripe apples and limes powdered with rock flour on the nose. The wine seems weightless on the palate, although it is nothing less than a sweet, sumptuously delicious and breathtakingly fine Auslese with perfectly ripe and painstakingly selected Riesling berries. The finish is intense in a very subtle way, lingeringly salty and piquant, and the purity and elegance in combination with the sensual fruit juice is absolutely delicious. This is an amazing wine.

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Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Milch und Gelatine enthalten.

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